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Aspasia Athinaiou
December 8, 2023

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Feng shui is Chinese geomancy that helps to reach harmony by using energy forces. The translation of this term is “wind-water.” Apart from being considered a religion, feng shui has also achieved qualities of science. In this perspective, this trend can be called a style of life.

A living room made in Live Home 3D

The task of feng shui is to organize the living space harmoniously by following its rules. Special locations and quality of things are required to allow people to take in the life force (the Chi energy, in other words) for their general benefit. This is one of the ways to make your surroundings help you recharge your batteries and be filled with positive emotions. So, it is not surprising that the number of feng shui followers is constantly growing.

If you are interested in simple methods to change your life, keep on reading this article to get acquainted with the most popular and functional feng shui tips for your home.

Top 12 Feng Shui Tips

Without a doubt, the feng shui tradition includes dozens of elements and recommendations. However, it is not necessary to dive into all the details at once. The following list of basic feng shui house design recommendations will help you easily improve the atmosphere and energy of your home.

Declutter Your Home

If you still hesitate to throw away things with small defects, then it is high time to do so. According to the experts, by removing such items from your surroundings, you will demonstrate respect to the place in which you live. According to Chinese spiritual practices, before disposing of unnecessary but memorable things, users should thank them for serving them well and thus bringing joy to the owner.

It is also important to get rid of the extra things you no longer need. It is a bad idea to have your wardrobes full, as this means you don’t have space for anything new in your life. Also, avoid storing things under the bed.

A stylish living room in white colors designed following feng shui rules

Learn About the 5 Feng Shui Elements

More than 3,000 years ago, the Chinese established the order of the five elements (wood, earth, fire, water and metal) that describe all phenomena and properties of the universe. Each element helps to invoke a particular mood and achieve a goal.

5 feng shui elements: wood, fire, earth, water and metal

Since feng shui is the science of harmony, the perfect design should include a well-balanced combination of all five elements. If you lack some of the features the elements represent, you need to maximize the presence of those particular elements. For instance, to enhance the power of the earth element, which represents safety and comfort, you are welcome to apply brown, beige or yellow shades and square objects in your interior. To increase the force of fire in your interior design, which is a symbol of personal growth, you can choose red, orange and triangular objects, combined with wood details.

If you need to strengthen the power of water, which represents money and career, then it is a great idea to use blue and green shades. It is recommended to choose rounded and wavy things to your decor as well.

Сolors, shape and meanings of feng shui elements:

  • Wood:
    • Shape: rectangular
    • Color: green
    • Represents: energy, passion, expansion and transformation
  • Fire:
    • Shape: triangular
    • Color: red
    • Represents: personal growth and renewal
  • Earth:
    • Shape: square
    • Color: orange, yellow, earth tones
    • Represents: the feeling of safety and comfort
  • Metal:
    • Shape: round
    • Color: gray, pastel shades, white
    • Represents: mental strength and intellectual abilities
  • Water:
    • Shape: wavy
    • Color: black and blue
    • Represents: the flow of money and career.

Let in Air and Light

One of the basic feng shui tips for home is to bring more airiness and freedom to your interior. Bright light is a good feature and encourages positive energy, while its absence is linked to stress, poor health and financial problems. Find out additional advice on how to create cozy and positive vibe decor.

A house created in the Live Home 3D home design app

Care About the Quality of Energy

The main rule is that the arrangement of furniture should not interfere with the vital energy of chi. Instead of bulky, massive objects, it is better to apply graceful, neat shapes. Cabinets, shelves and slides should not be placed near doors or windows, as this will restrict the access of favorable flows from the outside.

Choose the Correct Bed Location

The bed should be in the center, not touching the wall on either side, except for the back part. A bed, as well as a desk or a stove, needs to be placed into a command position, which means you need to see the entrance when raising your head. But, be careful not to place the bed opposite the door or with a window at your back. If it is impossible in your apartment to see the door from this location, place a mirror near the bed to be able to see the entrance in it.

A bedroom designed according to feng shui recommendations

Use Plants for Adding Good Energy

Bring the outdoors in by adding flowers. Some flowers are better for feng shui based on their need for water. The more water a flower needs, the better it is for your home. You may consider a lotus, orchid, bamboo, narcissus or chrysanthemum for this purpose. It is also beneficial to place plants on top of your kitchen cabinets.

An interior design with bamboo

Keep the Path to the Front Door Clear

A lot of people are accustomed to keeping various things near the doors and windows. However, it is important to organize your home space in such a manner that you leave free space there. One such important place is the path to the front door, which is a direct connection of your apartment or house with the universe. Keep this area clear by removing clutter.

It is a good idea to add something in the hall to make visitors pause, as this will slow down energy flowing into your home. Don’t place the front and back door opposite each other as the chi energy will leave your home too fast.

A hall near the front door

Mirrors Matter a Lot

Applying feng shui to house design cannot be created without mirrors. With their help, you can enlarge the space you own and bring more light and air into it. Mirrors can energize a room, so they are better for the dining room than the bedroom.

Keep Things and Windows Clean

Naturally, according to feng shui, cleaning (especially wet cleaning) should be done as often as possible. It is necessary to take care of not only windows and open surfaces, but also the space inside cabinets, chandeliers, flowers, sofas, etc. Specialists believe that water is the best cleaning since it tends to absorb negative energy.

Bedroom design

Add a Fountain or Aquarium

In feng shui, water is considered to be a material representation and a symbol of wealth. If you want positive energy to pour into your life, it is recommended to place an aquarium or a fountain somewhere near the entry or outside the main entrance.

Interior design with a bar and an aquarium

Remove Negative Symbolism

There are a lot of things we associate with particular events, memories or thoughts, and not all of them are positive. According to feng shui house design rules, people should discard objects that symbolize challenges they face in their lives. Instead of them, it is necessary to add the things you would like to attract in your life. For instance, if you are single and not happy with your situation, you should try adding coupled things to your interior.

Fix All Broken Things

One of the first things you can and should do is to check which things surround you every day. Without a doubt, you will find things that are just left for “better times” and are not likely to ever be used. You may also have broken things or objects that have to be repaired. According to feng shui, you should get rid of all the broken things as they symbolize suffering and failures and attract problems.

If there is a leak in the lavatory, it should be fixed as, with water, positive things leave your home. Always keep the toilet seat down and its door closed.

Feng shui recommends avoiding the following:

  • Broken objects and equipment
  • Cluttered closets and rooms
  • Blocked doors
  • Dirty windows and objects
  • Storage of objects under the bed.

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