Remote legal control of the archives of the first digitised Land Registry

Aspasia Athinaiou
January 11, 2024

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The long-standing request of the legal profession for the acceleration of the digitization of the records of the Land Registry Offices has been met and now the process of full remote digital control of the records of the Land Registry Offices of Attica is gradually being put into operation.

Specifically, in the context of the digitization project of the Land Registry files and the commitment of the Deputy Minister of Digital Governance Konstantinos Kyranakis, in the meetings we had, in order to accelerate the process so that the remote legal control of the Land Registry files becomes possible, from today the possibility of remote legal control is available in the first digitized Land Registry file and in particular the Land Registry of Nea Smyrni.

The audit will be available via the link below: .

Access is through the portal with a Lawyer’s code, while immediately after entering the platform the possibility of searching for books of the Mortgage Registry is given based on specific criteria (Mortgage Registry (mandatory), Type of book (books of indexes, transcriptions, mortgages, seizures and claims and name of the book (number or letters of the name)).

Then, by selecting “View” on the book of interest, a transfer to a new page is made, where the Lawyer is given the opportunity to check the content of the book by flipping through its pages .

We expect the gradual completion of the digitization of the files of other Land Registry Offices, so that this service will be available to lawyers for all the Land Registry Offices of Attica.

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