Greek-German alliance PAROSTEC and Ehret+Klein for “green” buildings in Athens

Aspasia Athinaiou
March 19, 2024

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The aim on both sides is to achieve sustainability and excellence at all levels, with buildings that will set the tone for the green transition and the transformation of the urban fabric.

The alliance of the Greek construction company PAROSTEC, based in Paros, and the German real estate development company Ehret+Klein is a signal for a strong presence in the process of Athens’ urban transformation, with emphasis on new green buildings and sustainability investments.

In fact, the two partners with a significant project plan in Athens, both together (the building of the former DOL, where PPC will be located, residences in Ekali and each separately (office complex in Alimos etc.), but also development goals in areas such as the city centre or Piraeus, celebrated the official opening of their new offices in the centre of Athens, at 1 Christou Ladas Street, a few days ago, on January 25th. This is a state-of-the-art, high aesthetic, sustainability-focused workspace, marking the partnership of the two companies in large-scale projects, which share a common philosophy, vision and values.

As stated, the main objective of this project, apart from the obvious office accommodation and the functionality of the space, was to reflect the character and quality of work of PAROSTEC and Ehret+Klein, as well as to achieve teamwork and the constant interaction of employees.

The reconstruction of the new 200 sq.m. offices, distinguished by their industrial character and minimalist design, was completed in November 2023 and the transition to the new premises took place before the end of last year. The architectural design was carried out by DECA architecture with the aim of ensuring high quality working conditions.

The modern workspace is located on the 8th floor of the building and has an open plan office space, a closed meeting room with soundproofing system, 2 call booths with wooden soundproofing for privacy, reception, kitchen and lounge with a view of the Acropolis. Sustainable materials such as wood have been used in the decoration and plastic has been avoided. Sustainable elements also include a constant temperature for energy saving, a ventilation system for fresh air, special frames to maintain the temperature, large windows with natural light throughout the day and white high-energy appliances. The perfect result was completed with artwork, branded furniture and contemporary design objects to achieve a complete aesthetic and usable result.

On the occasion of the event and their presence in Greece, Michael Ehret and Stefan Klein, Managing Directors of Ehret+Klein Greece, said, “Strongly believing in the dynamics of cities, we are facing the challenge of the urban transformation of Athens, which is particularly reflected in the state-of-the-art office where our premises are located, aiming to offer a human-centered environment in terms of collaboration, work-life balance and a high inspirational climate for our employees. Our partnership with PAROSTEC moves in this direction and outlines both parties’ passion for sustainable development and achieving excellence at all levels.”

Referring to the synergy with the German company and their new offices, George Kangelis and George Economopoulos, co-founders of PAROSTEC said, “We are very proud of both our partnership with Ehret+Klein and our new office in Athens, which exudes the spirit and dynamism of PAROSTEC and aspires to significantly improve our daily operations. In particular, it reflects our continued desire for progress and excellence. However, beyond the high aesthetics, the renovated space, which serves sustainable development, adequately serves all the needs of our employees, contributing to the immediate and qualitative achievement of our professional goals. The aim was to create a modern and welcoming working environment that fosters teamwork, productivity and innovation. The new space demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development, being a symbol of our unrelenting dedication to providing high quality services to the construction industry.”


It should be noted that the Greek construction company PAROSTEC ( has been a leading player in the Cyclades since 1990, having built more than 160 luxury villas and hotels of high standards in Paros and Antiparos. As its management states, the company undertakes demanding projects on any scale, requiring a deep understanding of design, aesthetics and craftsmanship. Over the last decade, the management has been taken over by George Economopoulos and George Kangelis, who are the second generation of the family business. PAROSTEC has offices in Paros, Antiparos and Athens and the number of employees exceeds 45 people.

From left, Michael Ehret CEO of Ehret+Klein Greece, George Economopoulos co-founder PAROSTEC, Stefan Klein CEO of Ehret+Klein Greece and George Kangelis co-founder PAROSTEC.

Its clientele includes shipowners, CEOs of multinationals and Hollywood stars from France, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Greece. DECA architecture, Nikos Valsamakis, 4K Architects/Decavalas, Agiostratitis, Rizos Architects, BLOCK722 Architects+, Tessera Architects, Ese Studio, ISV Architects, Studio Seilern Architects, Tala Mikdashi etc. The strategic goals of the company in the coming years include the construction of more buildings with a low energy footprint and expansion beyond the borders.

The Ehret+Klein

According to the management, ehret+klein is a German real estate development company whose mission is to design and manage innovative urban living spaces with time value. Founded in 2006 by Michael Ehret and Stefan Klein, the company’s portfolio focuses on mixed-use properties, including residential and commercial space, offices, hotels and medical centres. Dominating the German real estate market, e+k has recently expanded its operations to Greece – with the establishment of ehret+klein Greece in 2021 – where sustainability is an integral part of the company’s strategy. The company focuses on mixed-use development projects in Athens and Thessaloniki and residential projects on the Cyclades islands.

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