Home insurance & ENFIA: How to check and get the discount

Aspasia Athinaiou
March 7, 2024

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What you have to do and by when – Step by step the procedure on the AADE platform

We have mentioned before the extra benefit that homeowners who have insured their homes for natural disasters have. In addition to having peace of mind for whatever happens to their home from fire, earthquake, flood, from this year home insurance also brings up to 10% discount on ENVIA.

The AADE platform has been opened and owners of insured houses can match their insurance policies with each property and thus see in an instant if and how much discount they are entitled to.

The deadline to apply is February 22 (ed: It was finally extended to March 1).


-Have home insurance for at least three months in 2023
-The insurance covers 100% of the value of the house – at least €900/sq.m.
-Your home insurance includes the three critical coverages for fire, earthquake and flood


You are entitled to the 2024 ENFIA deduction. For details and instructions read below!

To declare your insured home, you must enter the myAADE digital portal and then Applications – Popular Applications – myPROPERTY – ENVAT reduction for insured homes.

Obviously you are using your TAXISnet codes and have already checked that the house is included in the E9.

You select “Create New Application / View Applications” and then the “My Homes” tab, where the homes as listed in the E9 are listed by ATAK (Property Identification Number). Now, all you have to do is associate the insurance policy (from the corresponding column) with the insured home. If the house is one and the policy is also one, you’re off the hook in no time. Just remember that if you have more than one policy for a house for some reason, you have to add them all up.

If houses are many, big boats big boats big boats, what can you do. You repeat the process for everything.

What do you do if there are co-owners

Okay, simple stuff. You follow the steps above to match a home with a policy and then select the “My Policies, Co-owners/Third Party Declaration” tab. There, in the “Co-owners/Third parties” column, use the + symbol to fill in the co-owner’s VAT number.

What to do if you are a co-owner

As long as you include you in your application anyone who has done the home insurance will be informed of this by the AADE. Then all you have to do is go to the “My Homes” tab, find the policy declared by the insured and select it. Essentially, you are also applying for the same property, that is.

You can also check who co-owned you as a co-owner via the “Policies Declared for Me” tab.

What to do if your home insurance policy does not show up

Okay, it’s all good. You contact your insurance company so that they can send your details to the AADE. You should do the same if for any reason the policy details are not displayed correctly (e.g. policy start and end dates, coverages, etc.).

What if everything goes wrong?

Again, don’t worry. Even if something was wrong with the application, you have until the 22nd of the month to come in and change or complete it. You go into the application using the same steps and just select “View Application” instead of “Create New Application”. There, under “Options” you can make an amended return, view your return history and print your application.

ENFIA rebate: how will I know if I am entitled to it?

From the most official source, the ADPE itself. On the home page of the platform, select “Application Results” and you will be informed on a property-by-property basis about the processing status of your application and whether or not the reduction in ENFIA has been approved.

Home insurance and ENFIA rebate

Didn’t you get the discount for this year? That doesn’t change now, but we’re looking ahead. You can insure your home for 2024 and benefit twice over. First, you get peace of mind for something as valuable as your home – come on, are we going to say the same thing? And secondly to get the deduction for next year’s ENVIA.

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